2 Wheeled Bins and Food Waste Caddies

The MGB 2 wheeled bins and kitchen caddies are manufactured in the UK in state-of-the-art facilities. Using the most advanced techniques, energy
efficient machines and cutting edge robotics.

MGB’s quality management system is central to its entire operations.
Controlling the entire process, from delivery of raw materials, through production, to the delivery of the wheeled bin to households.
Not only are the wheeled bins tested to the EN840 standards, but they also undergo the “drop test” to ensure that only wheeled bins of the highest quality are delivered to the customer.

With a 24/7 Quality Control department and on-site testing facilities, capable of testing every possible element throughout the production process, from raw materials through to finished goods. Our products are subjected to a punishing schedule of tests daily to ensure consistent and world-class quality standards are maintained. Every day we subject samples from every batch of bins, and from every machine, to a stringent programme of testing.

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Region: GCC/UAE only