Waste container rental. Redefining waste management.

Taylor Asset Management Company (Tamco) has reinvented waste container fleet management by providing all organisations, from private sector contractors to local authorities, the opportunity to rent waste containers instead of buying them.

The result of an exclusive partnership with Egbert Taylor, Tamco helps organisations better manage their waste management provision and their cash flow by increasing flexibility in tandem with decreasing costs.

Why use Tamco?

By renting a container through Tamco organisations can:

  • Reduce upfront costs
  • Match container spend with income or usage
  • Increase their container fleet on demand with delivery guaranteed in only a matter of weeks

Led by a team that has worked with local authorities, private contactors and waste collection companies since 2005, Tamco is committed to the waste industry and making container procurement accessible, scalable and great value for money.

With plans to continually add services to its portfolio, Tamco has redefined waste container fleet management for the 21st century.

Why use Tamco?

Use what you need, when you need it

The upfront capital cost of investing in waste containers can be significant.

Tamco addresses this by enabling its customers to reallocate funds traditionally earmarked for purchasing waste containers to other key services.

Through Tamco, the cost of an Egbert Taylor product is spread over the length of the rental period and prices are typically lower than trade waste rental arrangements.

By taking an asset management approach to container fleet management Tamco customers can:

  • Improve cash flow management
  • Scale their container fleet according to requirements
  • Match rental length with their contract term
  • Immediately access high-quality containers
  • Approach waste containers as an OPEX rather than CAPEX cost
  • Avoid locking cash up in a purchase and become better placed to react to new opportunities

Waste Container Rental

Don’t settle for second best

In a climate where cash is king and cost can be prohibitive, organisations can be forced to take the most affordable option of purchasing inferior plastic containers or lower quality steel.

With Tamco, customers are no longer priced out of the high quality container market and can now gain access to the following Egbert Taylor brands on a rental basis:

  • Waste bins from 500L to 1280L
  • Bespoke equipment including WasteSafes & Textile Banks
  • Solar power compacting stations
  • Fill Level monitoring & dynamic route planning technology
  • Waste Management Solutions

Invest in the best without investing it all.

For more information on how you can reduce the cost of growing and maintaining your container fleet, access world-class products at affordable and scalable prices and free up valuable resources to invest elsewhere, get in touch by calling 0330 041 50 51 or email info@tamcorentals.co.uk

Intelligent collections. Cleaner streets.