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Bigbelly Triple Multi-Stream Stations

Regarded by many as ‘the world’s most hi-tech bin’, Bigbelly’s leading smart waste and recycling system has gained a global following and represents the next generation of waste collection in urban environments.

In addition to efficiencies created through fill-level monitoring and route optimisation, Bigbelly’s solar compaction technology increases its collection capacity up to 808 litres when full, further reducing collection frequencies and therefore the operational cost of waste collection, vehicle movements and carbon emissions.

Bigbelly stations are available in two types: HC (high capacity with automatic compaction) and SC (standard capacity). Stations can be configured as standalone single stations or as double or triple multi-stream stations to accommodate each community’s waste stream collection and volume needs.

Bigbelly Features: Multiple Capacities

Multiple Capacities

Bigbelly Features: Self Powered


Bigbelly Features: Smart


Bigbelly Features: Sensing


Bigbelly Features: GPS Enabled

GPS Enabled

Bigbelly Features: Connected


Add-ons and accessories are available to custom configure your stations; these will be determined during the sales process. Egbert Taylor ships all stations fully built to your desired specifications of volume, waste streams, options and accessories.

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