Cloud-connected platform for smart waste management

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The CLEAN Management Console is the centrepiece of the Bigbelly system. It enables customers to gather, consolidate and analyse data from their smart waste collection stations, providing real-time fleet status, alerts and reports.

This allows customers to generate a concise, up-to-the minute view of their entire waste and recycling footprint.

The easy to use cloud based dashboard provides immediate access to operational status and fullness levels, which enables customers to become more responsive by better planning collection frequencies and establishing the most efficient collection routes.

Bigbelly CLEAN Management Console

Bigbelly CLEAN 5.0 Collection List
Actionable Collection List replace collection decisions based on Green-Yellow-Red

Introducing an actionable Collection List which features the exact number of stations within your fleet requiring collection.

When added to your Collection List, station LEDs will flash Red.

The Collection List is comprised of Bigbelly stations ready to collect based on their fullness level, age since last collection and active alerts.

Bigbelly CLEAN 5.0 Fullness Levels
Percent fullness for more precision and enhanced analytics at station level

Introducing station fullness levels as percentages for a more detailed level of station status data.

Station fullness is shown in 20% increments whilst age since last collection is shown in days.

This provides more precise data for even better analytics and decision making.

Bigbelly CLEAN 5.0 Customisation
Customise your smart waste collection based on fullness and age thresholds

Establish the fullness and age thresholds for which you would like to be alerted to collect your smart waste and recycling fleet.

Customise your settings by station, by group or for entire deployment.

Further optimise your collection routine and achieve higher collection efficiencies with thresholds matched to your unique operations.

Bigbelly CLEAN 5.0 Dashboard
New, redesigned system dashboard

Brand new system dashboard – your entry point for CLEAN on the web.

A real-time visibility into your smart waste and recycling fleet.

Have quick visibility into required collection actions, overflow potentials and fleet metrics to stay on track with your goals while optimising operations.

Bigbelly CLEAN 5.0 UI
Refreshed global look and feel

Introducing an easier-to-use, intuitive experience.

Full screen mapping and displays with an emphasis on visuals.

Additional search functionality with improved filters and sorting criteria.

Updated print functionality for operations on-the-go.

Designed to ensure site navigation and account access have stayed the same.

Bigbelly CLEAN 5.0 Mobile App
Enhanced mobile experience

A new and redesigned CLEAN Mobile App.

Mobilise operations with the app for iOS and Android.

Included Collection List and detailed station status in both map and list views.

App updates automatically push to all current app users ensuring you stay up to date.

New Field Install Tool to automate set-up and activation in CLEAN.

Real-time station status including percent fullness & age

Comprehensive suite of tools for data-driven reporting & analytics

Email, text & mobile notifications inform & automate operations

Customisable asset management & role-based user administration

99.99% uptime reliable and easy to use web-based software

System dashboard with collection requirements & fleet metrics

Bigbelly’s CLEAN Mobile App enables customers and waste collection operatives to manage their fleet from any smart phone or tablet. When a station is full and ready to be emptied, it simply lets the collection team know.

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