Leading through experience.

With over 90% of UK local authorities having incorporated our products into their waste management plans, we’re well placed to help you deliver your future waste strategies through a range of market-leading products from trade waste containers and commercial recycling bins to innovative on street recycling options.

The durability of our Taylor Continental metal waste and recycling containers ensures they’ll stand the test of time. All in all, they offer demonstrably superior whole life value against alternative metal bins and, unlike plastic equivalents; they won’t need frequent replacement because of fire loss or irreparable damage (typically 30% better over a 10 year comparison).

Quality of manufacture also means you can be confident your waste assets are fully EN 840 compliant. What’s more, you will also be certain of meeting your legal and Duty of Care obligations, as the Taylor Continental range not only meets but exceeds EN840 European Standard and complies with WISH recommendation. Giving you peace of mind with every purchase. Can the same be said for your current supplier?

Improved participation rates.

Our Taylor Urban Solutions range offers aesthetically designed waste and recycling containers that enhance the appearance of urban space and encourage participation in recycling schemes. Alongside other aesthetic recycling systems they can significantly raise recycling rates – by over 60%- in some high density housing areas.

Taylored Solutions.

Through a combination of ‘rebuild, spares and repair’ we can ensure your council bin fleet stays working for longer and far more productively than with alternative systems that require frequent replacement and early off-site refurbishment.

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