Growing Global demand for Steel Bins sees UK manufacturer widen International net.

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Longstanding container manufacturer, Egbert Taylor, has revealed that its ‘Best of British’ message is continuing to gain traction overseas, after securing a number of projects in Saudi Arabia for its iconic Continental 1,100L, worth over £1,000,000.

The Worcester-based firm has also recently received high value orders from India and Malaysia, as countries around the world begin to turn to the longevity and quality associated with Taylor’s British Steel Bins.

Local governments in Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Kazakhstan have also recently benefitted from Taylor Continental rollouts, in addition to a number of purchases made in several distant countries including Bermuda, South Korea and even Peru.

Since Egbert Taylor officially launched its export programme in 2012, the company has regularly secured orders in Africa, South East Asia and the Middle East. Continuing the trend, Egbert Taylor Middle East LLC, the firm’s Dubai based sister company, has seen exponential growth after launching a 6,000 sq ft warehouse in 2018, servicing the local MENA region.

On continuing to develop the Egbert Taylor brand abroad, Brendan Murphy, Chief Executive at Egbert Taylor, comments: “As many UK contractors continue to import low-cost, lower quality containers from countries such as China, Egbert Taylor appears to be bucking the trend by exporting to customers that appreciate British build quality, and understand the durability and performance of Egbert Taylor’s products. Having been proud of our Made in Britain credentials for many years within the UK, it seems that this message is now widely resonating overseas, which is fantastic news for the business and great for the local economy.”

Egbert Taylor’s established UK supply chain provides the raw materials, including the steel used to produce its 4-wheeled bins, before manufacturing every unit on its 20-acre Oak Park site. With an export team headed up by Matthew Young, Egbert Taylor’s Group Export Manager, the firm expects 2019 to yield a significant amount of international orders.

Matthew adds: “With our export programme, we’re looking to leverage the strengths associated with Egbert Taylor’s quality, partnership programmes and exceptional customer service, and we want to take that message to a wider audience. Whilst the UK remains and always will be our key market, there are countless other markets on the global stage that now want to benefit from what our UK customers have profited from for decades. We’re really excited about the potential offered by growing our global customer base and all signs, including our order pipeline, point towards continued growth over the next 12 months.”

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