Waste not, want not


By Adam Ramsay, Area Business Manager for Scotland at Egbert Taylor

Imagine this scenario.

You’re a waste manager at a local authority who, over the years, has seen the council partner with a number of contractors, all of which have had different livery and put their bins through different degrees of usage.

The contractors have come and gone, and you’re now left with a redundant fleet of bins of different colours and that are carrying different logos.

Even worse – they’re all in varying states of disrepair and look incapable of standing up, let alone collecting waste.

Well, this scenario is commonplace. Yet, what often happens with the bins? They stand (or lay) dormant in the equivalent of a bin graveyard.

We saw this recently with Enva, who had acquired multiple companies, each of which had their own bin style, specification and look. Not only that, but the stock they had at their facilities was beyond use. They sent 30 bins to Egbert Taylor and, within weeks, we’d sent them back looking brand new (see the before and after images).

Similarly, Dundee City Council recently took delivery of bins that Egbert Taylor refurbished for them. One of the team members said to a colleague, “We’ve received the new bins, but not the refurbished ones.” His colleague replied: “We haven’t ordered any new bins”.

The point (aside from how the finish of Egbert Taylor’s refurbished bins is exceptional!) is that in a climate where budgets are being squeezed, those old, forlorn bins that are sitting dormant at depots and storage facilities across the UK really don’t need to be doing so.

Not only can they get a new lease of life – and by ‘new’, I really mean ‘new’ – but also the mix-n-match fleet you’ve accrued over the years can be unified to incorporate a single, relevant and new look and feel – just like Enva did.

And, let’s face it, aside from the budgetary pressures in place, there is also the pressure on public and private sector companies to be more sustainable – and what could be more sustainable when it comes to managing your bin fleet than reusing the stock you already have?

Now that Egbert Taylor powder coats ALL of its bins – not just the new units, but refurbished units, too – those who choose to refurbish theirs with us are doing so in the knowledge that they’re not only acting sustainably and feeding into the circular economy by reusing existing materials, but also that the materials and processes being used to bring them up to new standard are environmentally sound, too.

If you’re looking to utilise bins that are otherwise simply occupying space, or wish to refresh and unify a disparate looking fleet for a fraction of the cost of buying new, then refurbishment really does tick all the boxes.

For more information on Egbert Taylor’s container refurbishment contact the team on 01299 251333 or email [email protected].