Local authorities must re-examine the tender if they truly want to go green

The push to go green is everywhere; and about time, too. We’ve been plundering the planet for far too long. Something (or rather lots of things) needs to give – and judging by COP26, quite quickly, too. When it comes to delivering sustainability within the supply chain, procurement has the potential to be the driver…


We’re only just getting over a global pandemic, so let’s not dwell on how it impacted UK organisations overly reliant on imported bins (or materials required to build bins, for that matter) other than to say that international supply chains were hugely affected.  Instead, let’s celebrate six benefits of buying British products – with a focus on…

The wonder of the weld: a day in the life of Lee McDermott

I’ve been at Egbert Taylor for over 20 years and I can honestly say that there’s no other manufacturer that welds to the quality we do. The whole team are time-served welders, all trained to NVQ Level 2 and above, and the intricate work that everyone can do is something that I still find impressive…


We’ve heard a number of rumours circulating about a lack of steel in the UK. Whoever’s talking about a steel shortage mustn’t have visited our Droitwich manufacturing site.

Bin Brief – Summer 2021

After what’s been a pretty wet summer, the sun is finally out. And, just as the weather
continues to heat up, so too is activity at our factory as local authorities begin to get
everything ready as the nation moves towards a less restrictive period.
On that point, I’d like to take the opportunity to say ‘thank you’ to our customers for their continued support.


Huntingdonshire District Council has taken steps to make its waste collection budget work harder after converting 360 of its traditional 110 litre litter bins into smart bins using the latest fill sensor technology. The decision will see almost a third of the council’s 1,200 public litterbins fitted with fill level sensors, which have been supplied…


Glasgow City Council has replaced 21 Large Capacity 360L litter bins lining one of the city’s busiest pedestrian thoroughfares with only 12 Bigbelly solar compacting units. Prior to a solar compacting bin trial in 2018, the council’s collection teams were emptying 25 160-litre traditional litterbins on the city’s popular Buchannan Street 438 times a week….

Bin Brief – Spring 2021

As spring begins to make its presence felt and the shadow of Covid starts to subside, we thought this would be a perfect time to share with you some of our customers’ recycling successes and the positive steps that many local authorities are currently taking to reduce contamination.

Why firms must help the public sector create social value

It wasn’t too long ago that local authorities and private sector companies operated in isolation. In the case of Taylor bins, a local authority would choose an appropriate product and we would manufacture it. It was very much a transactional, client-supplier relationship, and one that began in 1961 when Taylor first opened its doors. At…


The decision to swap paint for powder has changed the fortunes of Worcester-based container manufacturer Egbert Taylor, as the firm reports a revenue increase of 36 per cent across its refurbishment division over the last 12 months. In December 2019, Egbert Taylor announced that it would replace wet paint processes with carbon-free powder coating across…

Waste not, want not

By Adam Ramsay, Area Business Manager for Scotland at Egbert Taylor Imagine this scenario. You’re a waste manager at a local authority who, over the years, has seen the council partner with a number of contractors, all of which have had different livery and put their bins through different degrees of usage. The contractors have…