Safety Features
• CE approved
• Fully interlocked access doors protect users and service personnel
• Locked front door
• Separately keyed service access
• Fault-tolerant design for hopper insertion door prevents access to compaction area

• Weather resistant, UV stabilised polyester powder- coat finish on all exterior parts
• Electronic components temperature range of -40QC to +8SQC
• Fully weatherised, but in the event of a flood, The HC5 can withstand:
Up to 508 mm of water without harming the electronics
Up to 915 mm of water with only minor dam age to electronics

• RoHS compliant
• Galvanised sheet metal steel interior and exterior construction
• TPO (Thermoplastic polyolefin) plastic is used for the 2mm thick side panels and
hopper cover. The black coloured plastic is made from 100% post-consumer recycled material. TPO plastic is impact, dent, and abrasion resistant; UV stable; and able to maintain protective performance in extreme temperatures without blistering, warping or becoming brittle.
It is the same material contained in automobile bumpers.
• Interior Bin: Leak proof; made of low density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic

Power & Electronics
• 40 watts high energy solar panel
• PV panel protected by polycarbonate bubble
• Spill-proof, sealed maintenance-free battery
• Self-powered unit requires no wiring

Bigbelly Double

The UK’s Leading solar compactor – Bigbelly HC5/SC5 Double smart waste and recycling system has gained a global following and represents the next generation of waste collection in urban & rural environments.

Bigbelly’s Double Station combines one HC5 is a smart, solar-powered, compacting waste station
along with a SC5 standard capacity station. Both HC5 & SC5 units are equipped with sensors
that monitor and report on fullness levels, along with various alerts such as the door has been
left open or if the hopper has jammed. The double Station harvests solar power to compact waste
and communicate its real-time status. The enclosed hoppers ensure total waste containment.
Double stations and can be customised based on waste stream, options, and accessories


Technical Specifications

Empty Weight:

193 kg


1264 mm


1285 mm


681 mm

Handle Height:

(ADA Compliant): 1095 mm

Bin Volume:


Compacted Waste: