Dual Ultrasonic Fill Sensors
The variable angle barrel housing dual ultrasonic sensing increases the accuracy and reliability of the fill level readings. The nPod’s multi-layer readings and cutting edge algorithms enable real time results to account for bin anomalies. Our flexible sensing solution enables reliable monitoring of a large range of materials and even water levels.

Tilt & Temperature Sensors
Our on-board accelerometer enables lift detection to pinpoint when containers have been collected or even if containers have been knocked over. Our temperature sensing enables fire detection and identifies useful waste/weather trends for long term planning.

Installation & Strength
Installation of the nPod is quick and easy using two tamper proof M6 stainless bolts, the sensor barrel is simply aimed at the optimum part of the container then securely locked. The highly impact resilient ABS Polycarbonate protects the advanced electronics inside which are compressed in foam combating severe vibration and impacts for reliable long term operation.

Bluetooth Connectivity
nPod uniquely takes advantage of low energy Bluetooth enabling; automated communications with netBin phone apps, connection of third party sensors and enables use of slave nPods (more soon).

Proven Technology
First developed in 2013 and launched to market the following year the netBin nPods have clocked up millions of hours of operation and have now deployed in over 24 countries worldwide. Ever since launch the bin sensor has been enhanced and improved by a dedicated in-house team. We strongly believe our nPods are the most reliable and accurate fill level sensors on the market.


GPRS, 3G, nB-IoT (NB1), LTE Cat-M1

nPod – Dual Ultrasonic Fill Sensor

Fill level monitoring is most effective when the bin sensors are positioned optimally with consistently accurate readings being reported. The innovative nPod can be mounted into a variety of useful positions with ease. This ensures the bin sensor avoids rubbish flow, offer highest level performance and can be mounted to the most durable parts of the containers.

Technical Specifications

Fill measurement sensor:

Dual high sensitivity 40KHz ultrasonic sensor

Variable angle sensor housing:

135° range lockable by 2 discrete grub screws

Depth range:

3cm – 4.0m (up to 6m with long range sensor)

Temperature sensor:

Reports container temperature, can be used to indicate temperature
extremes, eg a fire

Tilt sensor:

Detects container empty event, when mechanically lifted. Ensures accurate collection data.


Ingress Protection Rating IP67


ABS Polycarbonate


140 x 122 x 46 mm excluding fixing mounts

Operating temperature range:

-30°C to +80°C

Battery type:

Lithium Thionyl Chloride

Battery life:

5-10 years