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Bigbelly is the world leader of smart waste & recycling solutions for public spaces, communities and facilities. Deploy intelligent, solar-powered, sensor-equipped waste & recycling stations that communicate real-time status to collection crews to enable efficiencies.

Why Bigbelly?

Regarded by many as “the world’s most hi-tech bin“, Bigbelly’s leading smart waste and recycling system has gained a global following. Bigbelly represents the next generation of waste collection in urban environments.

The CLEAN Management Console is the centrepiece of the system, which enables Bigbelly to gather, consolidate and analyse data from its smart collection stations, providing real-time fleet status, alerts and reports.This allows customers to generate a concise, up-to-the-minute view of their entire waste and recycling footprint.

An easy to use cloud-based dashboard provides immediate access to operational status and fullness levels, which enables customers to become more responsive by better planning collection frequencies and to establish the most efficient collection routes.

Bigbelly’s CLEAN Mobile App enables customers and waste collection operatives to manage their fleet from any smartphone or tablet. When a station is full and ready to be emptied, it simply lets the collection team know.

  • Reduce collections by 70-80% on average and subsequent decreased liner usage, labour hours, vehicle wear, and fuel consumption.
  • Informed decision making and operational planning with real-time data and analytics in CLEAN Management Console software
  • Increase productivity & route efficiency with optimised collections and reallocated resources to more impactful projects.

  • Transform cleanliness & aesthetics by keeping waste contained – eliminate visible waste, windblown litter, overflows, and pest access
  • Cleaner, greener, safer streetscapes with a reduced bin footprint (less bin clutter) and reduced refuse truck traffic, noise & congestion
  • Remove waste as a food source for critters and birds: a proven strategy to reducing rodents in public areas
  • Introduce and increase public space recycling program with multiple streams at each point of disposal & tracked diversion data
  • Reduce carbon footprint and CO2 emissions with fewer truck rolls, fuel consumption, and air pollution when meaningfully deployed
  • Less littered public spaces for an overall cleaner, more sustainable environment thanks to total containment & smart collection routine

Smarter waste handling and recycling

With the help of the smart Bigbelly waste unit, you can solve the problem of managing waste in public environments. You can also benefit from the waste management infrastructure which is already in place and add other functions and technical solutions.


Click any of the Big Belly product features below to find out more in-depth information about this product.

Clean Platform

Highlights & Features

Interactive Status Maps

At-a-glance visibility into the real-time status of your entire operation: station location, type, fullness level, operational state

Real-time Status Reports

Operation-wide summaries and detailed per-station statistics

Efficiency Reports

Historical graphs and charts for tracking operational performance and collection efficiency

Email Integration

Forward alerts and messages as email

Daily Collection Digests

Daily collection activity & analysis available through the web dashboard and via email

Historical Analysis

Track your progress as you start reducing collection frequency & reallocating resources

System Alerts

Notification & logging of low to critical station events that require servicing – i.e. open door, low battery, communication errors

Heat Maps

At-a-glance visibility into utilisation and collection trends for planning capacity and optimising station placement

Station Management

Remote station monitoring & maintenance tools including tracking station locations via GPS, manage system groups/collection routes and CLEAN users, etc.

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