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Bigbelly is the world leader of smart waste & recycling solutions for public spaces, communities and facilities. Deploy intelligent, solar-powered, sensor-equipped waste & recycling stations that communicate real-time status to collection crews to enable efficiencies.

Why Bigbelly?

Regarded by many as “the world’s most hi-tech bin“, Bigbelly’s leading smart waste and recycling system has gained a global following. Bigbelly represents the next generation of waste collection in urban environments.

The CLEAN Management Console is the centrepiece of the system, which enables Bigbelly to gather, consolidate and analyse data from its smart collection stations, providing real-time fleet status, alerts and reports.This allows customers to generate a concise, up-to-the-minute view of their entire waste and recycling footprint.

An easy to use cloud-based dashboard provides immediate access to operational status and fullness levels, which enables customers to become more responsive by better planning collection frequencies and to establish the most efficient collection routes.

Bigbelly’s CLEAN Mobile App enables customers and waste collection operatives to manage their fleet from any smartphone or tablet. When a station is full and ready to be emptied, it simply lets the collection team know.

  • Reduce collections by 70-80% on average and subsequent decreased liner usage, labour hours, vehicle wear, and fuel consumption.
  • Informed decision making and operational planning with real-time data and analytics in CLEAN Management Console software
  • Increase productivity & route efficiency with optimised collections and reallocated resources to more impactful projects.

  • Transform cleanliness & aesthetics by keeping waste contained – eliminate visible waste, windblown litter, overflows, and pest access
  • Cleaner, greener, safer streetscapes with a reduced bin footprint (less bin clutter) and reduced refuse truck traffic, noise & congestion
  • Remove waste as a food source for critters and birds: a proven strategy to reducing rodents in public areas
  • Introduce and increase public space recycling program with multiple streams at each point of disposal & tracked diversion data
  • Reduce carbon footprint and CO2 emissions with fewer truck rolls, fuel consumption, and air pollution when meaningfully deployed
  • Less littered public spaces for an overall cleaner, more sustainable environment thanks to total containment & smart collection routine


Click any of the Big Belly product features below to find out more in-depth information about this product.

Bigbelly UK customer testimonials

Public Realm Services Ltd (Newham)

Public Realm Services Ltd is based within the Borough of Newham, we purchased our 1st BBB in 2017 and haven’t looked back, we currently have 41 bins based around the 7wards within Newham. We provide Street and Estate cleansing service and have found since our initial purchases we can divert resources elsewhere which makes our service a more productive service, these bins send alerts to our supervisors who inform our drivers they are due to be changed as we have set all alerts up at 80%full to give us time to respond and prevent overflowing bins. If we kept with the standard bins our Drivers and Street Orderlies would be changing the bins 2/4times a day if not more in high footfall areas. The data speaks for itself we are 98% efficient which makes us more productive.

Joanne Beaseley - Director and Business Manager Public Realm Services Ltd

Bigbelly CLEAN Software - A cloud-connected platform for smart waste management

The Cornerstone Of The Bigbelly System

Monitor, Manage & Analyse, All In One Place
This is the centralised location from which the system is managed, and operational analysis can be done. It includes a set of tools for system setup, management, monitoring, and optimisation from either a web-based software or mobile app. (Avabile on PC, Mac, Android & iOS)

Real-Time Status
Smart stations communicate real-time status directly into CLEAN Management Console.

Auto-Generated Notifications
Auto-generated email, text, and online notifications indicate which stations need to be collected to drive increased productivity while eliminating overflows and unnecessary collections.

Optimise Collection Routines
Users can optimize collection routines, measure and benchmark operations, and realise location-based waste patterns (volume, fill rate, collection activity) across a Bigbelly smart waste fleet.

Platform features

Centralised Dashboard
Centralised dashboard with real-time collection requirements & metrics

Real-Time Status
Real-time station status based on percent fullness and time since the last collection.

Push Notifications
Auto-generated notifications trigger collections exactly when needed.

Easy Web-Based Software Portal
Reliable and easy-to-use web-based software; No IT setup required.

Data export capability and API for third-Party integrations.

Full Suite Of Reports
Clean comes with a suite of reports to analyse and benchmark operations over time.

Measure Recycling Diversion
Measure and report on recycling diversion rates per waste stream.

Asset Management
Customisable asset management & role-based user administration.

Case Studies from Bigbelly deployments across the UK.

Case Study - Aberdeen City Council

108 Bins removed, 83 HC5 stations installed

Fewer collections
over five years

Reduction in



"Not only is it solving age-old problems with litter collections and vastly improving efficiency, but it is also putting new technology into the centre of the city and ensuring Aberdeen is leading the way."
Allan Henderson - Aberdeen Inspired

When we introduced a trial bin at St Nicholas Street, we found it needed to be emptied every three or four days, compared to traditional bins in the same area, which are emptied twice a day.
Steven Shaw - Aberdeen City Council

Case Study - Chester City

72 Bins removed, 60 HC5 stations installed


Reduction in



Bigbelly allows place operations to focus the additional capacity created into improving the cleansing standards within the city.
Maria Byrne - Head of place operations

The Bigbelly system is delivering huge efficiency gains for the council.
Councillor Karen Shore

Case Study - Rugby Borough Council

56 Bins removed, 23 HC5 stations installed

Fewer collections
per year

Reduction in



Now that we’ve found Bigbelly, not only can we meet our own targets in tandem with improving the urban realm, but also save precious council resource in the process. Not too long ago we’d carry out regular waste collection ‘milk rounds’, regardless of whether the bins needed emptying or not, simply because we had a schedule to adhere to. These days, we’re notified when collections need to be made and can clearly see when bins don’t need emptying just by looking at a smart device or office computer.”
Dan Green, Head of Environment and Public Realm at Rugby Borough Council

Case Study - Kinston Upon Thames

175 Bins removed, 58 HC5 stations installed

Fewer collections
per year

Reduction in



"We are passionate about making sure Kingston continues to be a great place to live and visit. The new bins are a pioneering way to help reduce litter and street clutter in busy pedestrian areas."
Councillor Phil Doyle - portfolio holder for Resident Services at Kingston Council

Case Study - London Borough of Croydon

153 Bins removed, 80 HC5 stations installed

Fewer collections
in six months.

Reduction in



“We recognise that delivering effective waste and recycling initiatives requires a multi-faceted approach. Through the ‘Don’t Mess With Croydon’ campaign and significantly increasing our investment in street cleansing services we’ve not only made our streets cleaner but also improved the council’s efficiency levels when it comes to waste collection. The time that we no longer unnecessarily spend emptying bins that are only half or even a quarter full, made possible through Bigbelly, is now being spent on other areas of street cleansing.”
Councillor Stuart Collins, Croydon Council Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Clean and Green Croydon

Bigbelly ACS - an exclusive cloud-based access control system for your Bigbelly smart waste deployment.


Complete Access Control
Cloud-based administration and control over all aspects of access. Grant, revoke, and manage
station access remotely, ensuring only authorised people can open Bigbelly stations.

Fully Integrated
Bigbelly ACS electronics and the keyless, electronic SmartLock integrate directly into Bigbelly’s station electronics and CLEAN Management Console.

100% Solar-Powered
Powered by Bigbelly’s patented energy management system, no additional batteries required.


Grant access to users by groups of Bigbelly stations, or by each station individually. Manage the system controls anytime, anywhere, through the CLEAN Management Console.

Achieve unprecedented visibility into your waste collection operation. Increase accountability, improve oversight, and enhance usage analytics.

Eliminate issues with lost or stolen keys. Unauthorised door openings and vandalised lock cylinders are a thing of the past.

Remote Hopper Lock - A control hopper access remotely through Bigbelly’s CLEAN smart waste platform.

Remote Locking Capabilities for Every Situation

One-Time Event
Set up a special event, with a start and finish date & time. Your Bigbelly HC5 Hoppers will lock automatically at the start of the event and unlock when the event is finished.

Daily Closures & Recurring Events
Create daily access rules, controlling when your Bigbelly stations are locked and in-use. HC5 Hoppers will lock and unlock automatically at your specified time each day. Ideal for overnight access management.

Prevent Hopper jams and overflows by setting your HC5 to lock when the waste bin is 100% full. Your team will already be notified to collect the bin but won’t be met with an unsightly and time-consuming Hopper jam.

Bigbelly Telebelly - for public space wireless solutions such as small-cell (4G&5G) along with Wifi hotspots

Telebelly Communications Enclosure

Located Where The People Are
Located in the highest density urban and public space areas, a critical location for network infrastructure.

Integrated Antenna
Integral pole & antenna unit, along with matching equipment bays ensures easy plant management.

Telebelly stations can be added to existing stations, or install as a new site.

Key Attributes

Prime Public Space Real Estate
Telebelly connectivity allows cities to hide communications infrastructure such as Wi-Fi, 4G & 5G hotspots in plain sight.

Acceptable Aesthetics
Bigbelly & Telebelly stations alike are available with full artwork-kits promoting local messaging or for external advertising.

Simple Installation and Operations
Pole integrated with frame for lateral support, power & fibre conduits enter through the base port. Ground base access to network equipment, no height restrictions to work with.

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