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Smart Cities

Streamline your waste collection process, save money and reallocate any savings to other frontline services. Bringing waste collection into the 21st century.

netbin - Industry leading fill level technology




In a world bound by limited resources, netBin has established a global reputation for delivering efficiency gains through transforming everyday waste assets into intelligent assets.

From litterbins and textile banks to recycling centres and skips, netBin’s sensor technology has revolutionised waste collection and storage by giving each container a voice.

Rethinking waste collection in a modern world.

With netBin, all Egbert Taylor customers can convert their traditional bins into intelligent bins in a matter of minutes, creating bin fleets that support:

Fill level monitoring.
No more overfull bins.Lift logging.
Track exactly when bins are emptied and how full they are at the point of being lifted.

Bin behaviour monitoring.
Quickly respond to anomalies such as misplaced, faulty or overturned containers.

Waste mapping.
Identify trends and peak usage times – by fleet or by individual bin.

High temperature warnings.
Text alerts and emails sent when units’ temperature increases or in the event of a fire.

Route planning and scheduling.
Only empty bins that need emptying.Reactive management.
Receive real-time updates on issues via a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Monitor staff performance.
Get more from your team through live data feeds and tracking.

Analyse historical behaviour.
Use the analysis tool to observe fill rate behaviour over time and check for trends. Underused, rapid fill and overfull bins are automatically grouped and listed.

Replacing guesswork with real-time intelligence.

Traditional waste collection, based on set routes at fixed times, has underpinned waste management strategies for decades. The result?

Wasted time and resource spent emptying half full containers;

Wasted fuel and countless tonnes of carbon emissions generated through indiscriminate waste collection ‘milk rounds’;

Other areas of the public realm neglected as waste collection dominates budgetary spending.

The key to a whole new world of waste collection.
Through sensor technology local authorities and private sector organisations can have full visibility of not only their entire bin fleets, but also each and every bin.

Streamline your waste collection process, save money and reallocate any savings to other frontline services through netBin.

tel: +44 (0)1299 251 333

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