Taylor Street Chosen by Cardiff

Cardiff County Council has installed Taylor Street™ recycling units at three locations in the city, as part of its wider plan to improve recycling and achieve improved aesthetics of waste containers in public spaces. In total ten units have been installed across the city; two units have been placed by two of the city’s libraries, whilst a further six are located at the Western Leisure Centre in Caerau. All of the installations are ‘bring’ sites that have units for Mixed Glass, Plastic and Card & Paper.

“We were looking for recycling units that could be used in public places that allowed for easy deposit and collection while still looking good. Other units are typically cumbersome and make the area look rather industrial,”
Jennifer Sadler, Sustainable Planning Project Officer at Cardiff City Council

Having previously provided recycling solutions for other major cities with areas of high population density, Taylor was well placed to advise the council on its recycling needs. The requirement to achieve both improved recycling rates and improved aesthetics led Taylor to recommend the Taylor Street™, an innovative waste container housing that is designed to blend in with the aesthetics of the modern streetscape, while creating an attractive, easy to use focal point to encourage recycling.

“The recent successes of other major councils such as Birmingham City Council with the Street recycling centres, meant that we were confident that the same units were ideal for use in Cardiff,” said Mark Jenkins , Area Business Manager for Taylor, who met with the council to discuss its recycling needs. “The Street units that we supplied to Birmingham are adjacent to the University of Birmingham’s main campus. They are proving to be extremely popular, with both residents and students, making a major contribution to improved recycling rates.”

The ten Street™ units supplied to Cardiff CC were installed in February, and have all seen positive recycling behaviour, with very few problems of cross contamination. Recycling rates in all three areas have also been very good, and there has been a positive response from residents.