Exclusive UK partnership agreed with Mattiussi Ecologia

Egbert Taylor has partnered with Italian eco-friendly container manufacturer Mattiussi Ecologia in a move that is intended to provide UK customers with easier access to Mattiussi’s high quality range of products.

Products produced by Mattiussi, which include its food scraps kitchen caddies, kerbside sorted waste collection, indoor pre-sorting, home composting and outdoor recycling containers are exclusively available to the UK waste sector through Egbert Taylor from 1 December.

The inclusion of Mattiussi’s most prominent product lines, which enable waste to be managed and segregated more effectively, will be welcomed by local authorities and private waste contractors responsible for collecting and managing food waste.

“There are a number of synergies between Mattiussi and Egbert Taylor and this partnership will unlock the potential that they undoubtedly represent. In a modern world, where sharing knowledge and collaboration is regarded as a route to successful business development, I believe that this deal will enable both companies to grow, become stronger and build on the equity that both brands have generated over decades of being in business. We’re excited about this opportunity and look forward to working with Egbert Taylor.”
Valter Mattiussi, CEO at Mattiussi Ecologia

On welcoming Mattiussi Ecologia to Egbert Taylor’s stable of brands Brendan Murphy, CEO, adds: “Like Egbert Taylor, Mattiussi Ecologia has a long heritage in developing and bringing to market high quality and well-engineered products. These similarities underpin this exclusive partnership, which is a logical next step in terms of providing our customers with a range of high quality products supported by excellent customer service.”

For more information on the Mattiussi products now available through Egbert Taylor contact 01299 251333 or email [email protected].