Case study: Cannock Chase Council choose Taylor node° to improve residential recycling rates


Cannock Chase Council was looking for ways to improve recycling rates at the Moss Road residential estate in Cannock. At the time, recycling rates were almost non-existent, with multi-occupancy dwellings making collection a logistical challenge. 

The council had previously worked with Egbert Taylor to improve recycling and waste collection in the town centre, so it was aware of Taylor’s Urban Solutions range – and how it has been shown to dramatically improve recycling rates. 

Two Taylor node 360° mini recycling centres were installed after a consultation period with Moss Road residents. Within a matter of weeks, recycling rates had increased dramatically and the units were receiving positive feedback from residents. 

The approach

Egbert Taylor recognises that there is increased national pressure for councils to improve recycling rates especially in areas that typically have poor returns, such as high-rise and multi-occupancy dwelling where methods such as kerbside collection are simply not practical. To help meet these targets, Taylor developed the node° mini recycling centre. 

The node° has a distinctive design which makes waste separation and collection easy, while only taking up a small footprint on the street. It is available in four modular configurations, from the single unit node 90° to the full node 360°. 

Since its launch, the node° has received unanimous praise and a number of independent studies have shown that within weeks of installation, recycling rates typically increase dramatically in areas such as Moss Road estate. 

The result 

As soon as the node° units were installed recycling rates began to increase and, despite a few contamination issues in the first couple of weeks, there have been no problems with misuse or vandalism. Within four months of installation there was an average fortnightly collection of 3,200 litres of recyclate per unit. 

The units fit aesthetically with the surrounding area and their ease of use means that disposal of waste is quick and easy. 

“The node° units have been a great success and are proving to be extremely popular with all the residents we have spoken to. They have been very receptive to the change and the increased recycling levels speak for themselves. The results have been so impressive that we may soon be installing a third node°.” 

Anthony Morris, Recycling Officer, Cannock Chase Council