Continental™ 1100 Litre DuoBin

Designed to allow the collection of separate waste streams in the same footprint as our industry-standard 1100 Litre container.

The Taylor Duo Bin is ideal for customers with restricted space for multiple containers but need to source segregate.


  • Double skinned UV resistant rotary-moulded lids. Available in a range of colours.
  • Comb lifting bar (frontal receiver) to EN 840-2
  • Facility for ID chip in (frontal receiver) to EN 14803
  • Draw-depth and shape of pressings optimised to avoid buckling/distortion of bin on impact or lifting when laden.
  • Large area for vinyl graphics.
  • Sump base for improved rigidity and stability with a drain plug as standard.
  • Divider allows two waste streams to be collected in the same footprint channel prevents water from entering the bin from between the lids.
  • Dual new forest locks allow both lids to be locked or opened independently.
  • Handles designed to EN 840 for ergonomic handling and safety, keeping hands away from lifting gear.
  • Steel centred castors manufactured to Taylor’s specification.

Technical Specifications

Empty Weight: